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First, I am not opposed to selling refreshments, but bear in mind that the band does not pay for any of this because we do not have the money. The refreshments are all donated, and we must follow the rules for the use of the facility. Nothing red, nothing with peanuts or peanut butter, etc. If we do refreshments, it will be bottled water and coffee only. The coffee must be made at home and brought to the church, because we are not allowed to use anything in the facility (coffee makers, filters, cups, sugar, etc.) This is all in the agreement that the band signed to be able to use the gym. It is nice if someone wants to volunteer to pay for and bring the items for refreshments, but lately most of our audience members stand around talking, and not purchasing. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, so even though a glass of wine is nice at the Symphony, we cannot have it in the building. If someone wants to be in charge of doing this, you can, but just remember that whatever you use in the kitchen must be from your own home (or the band’s donated supplies), and that the kitchen must be left clean and ready for Sunday morning. It is not difficult, just time consuming for the person who brings the stuff and then has to take it home, clean up whatever your brought, and store it. If someone wants to take over bringing the refreshments based on what I just said, I am more than happy to let someone else do it, but the commitment needs to be for every concert.