Clancy Weeks, D.M.A.

Dr. Clancy Weeks has been teaching Texas bands since 1985 when he earned his degree in music theory and composition from Lamar University, studying with such composers as William Latham, Merrill Ellis, Robert Culbertson and Paul Holmes along the way. He has composed and arranged for the wind band medium for over 40 years (beginning in high school), and has had over two-dozen band works published by R.B.C. Music and Avalon Press. In 1997 he earned his D.M.A. from the University of Houston in music education and conducting, and in the process created a corrected edition of Gordon Jacob’s William Byrd Suite. His works have been performed by bands all over the country—including the Dallas Wind Symphony, the Houston Symphonic Band, and the Rutgers University Wind Ensemble— and he was contracted to provide music for the Texas University Interscholastic League Sight-Reading competition.

Dr. Weeks has studied conducting with Gary Sousa (currently the Director of Instrumental Music at the University of Tennessee), and conducted in workshops under the watchful eyes of such noted directors as Jerry Junkin, Mallory Thompson, H. Robert Reynolds, Richard Floyd, Kevin Sedatole, and Larry Rachliff just to name a few. He has taught band at every level from 6th grade through high school, 2A through 5A, and has had successful programs at each of those levels.

His compositional style is decidedly tonal, with an eye towards craftsmanship and playability, and his works have been commissioned by a growing number of Texas bands. Rhythmic variety—including offset rhythmic patterns, unusual accents, and multiple meters—is a trademark of his latest works, while lush and occasionally complex harmonies is a long-time staple.

Adapted from Composition Today