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    The CSB Guild is made up of dedicated audience members who seek to support the band by their willingness to approach corporations for financial sponsorships and promoting the band to the community. One way to promote the band to the community is to write an article on the band for your community newspaper. We know you invite your friends and support us with individual donations. This is appreciated by the members, as well as seeing you at our concerts. We are asking the guild members to take it a step further and approach large corporations for financial sponsorship of the band, such as a bank, or a manufacturer, etc. The money will be used to pay for rent on rehearsal facilities, which we will soon need. We welcome the audience members who choose to become part of the CSB Guild and hope that you will be honored to support Cypress Symphonic Band in this way. Judy Van Norman will be the liaison between the Board of Directors and the CSB Guild.


    How is the “Guild” membership and information being distributed to our patrons?

    Stewart – Bari Sax

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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